The Matrix Bullet Time Experience VR Developed by Alessio Regalbuto


This experience was made with Unity 5 and based on The Matrix movie. Inspired by the bullet time scene on the roof of the skyscraper, the developer wanted to reproduce in VR a similar effect.

In the game, the user can control the speed of the bullets (pressing + or - on the keyboard) and be hit by the bullets with blood effect.
If you want to know more feel free to contact the developer or visit his Portfolio:

I hope you will appreciate my efforts :) By Alessio Regalbuto


Dodge the bullets shooted by the Agent on the roof of the building. You can resist to 2 hit, but the 3rd hit will be your GAME OVER.

You can be tricky and use your TIME CONTROL pressing "+" and "-" keys of the keyboard to increase or reduce the speed of the bullets, enjoing in VR the beauty of the Bullet Time Effect.


This VR experience does not collect information from the user, does not use internet and IT IS ADDRESSED TO A MATURE PUBLIC due to the present of symbolic violence and blood.

For further information feel free to contact the developer by email:


Link: Beta using Oculus Keys

If you wish to try the experience reedem one of the following keys on the Oculus Store:

  • C4734-R4W6J-44PCJ-HXRCQ-YX34T

NOTICE: If you want to request further keys, feel free to contact me by email: